United States of America, 22 August, 2014: Creative people and artists of various disciplines in different fields come with their own artistic interpretation. These creative projects could be films, books, music albums, photography, design-related or technology based. However, one of the most important aspects of giving a concrete shape to any creative idea is executing it with proper funding. For bringing any project to life, it requires a certain amount of funds in the making or creation. Kickstarter is the ultimate social way for these artists and creative bunch to meet the financial needs. It ties the project creators and backers for raising financial resource. The people who extend their support for projects via Kickstarter are rewarded with tangible gits and special experiences. It is open to backers all over the world. An example would be the case with Lyzeth Inurrigarro. She is an author looking to self-publish her mythological adventure book, Descendant of Aphrodite through Kickstart. 

After graduating from Elsik High School, she followed her dream of writing a book on her fantasies of Greek and Norse mythology. It is a fiction inspired by a short story she wrote in her less interesting classes at school. She was encouraged by the librarian to let her imaginations run deeper. Descendant of Aphrodite tells the story of the protagonist Carina whose nightmarish dream turns real for the worst. She is left with no other choice but rescue the world of the attacking extinct creatures. It is a tale of bonds, friendships, betrayals and most importantly a war threatening to destroy her world. The genre has elements inspired from other literary genres in romance, teen, LGBT, suspense and more. 

During an interview, the indie author opened up on her undertakings with publishing the book and more. After her writing flowed smoothly, the whole adventure was founded on a story. She said that being a self publisher, it would be her responsibility to indulge in editing, formatting, copyright issues, printing and publishing for mobile, internet audience and book readers. The funds that reach through Kickstater would also go for promoting the book. She is also looking for alternating ways of generating revenue for her project. The promotional bookmark design is ready and efforts are on to raise awareness through social media marketing. Funding period for the book runs from 13th of August up to 27 September 2014. There are various kinds of rewards offered on pledges ranging from $1 to $300 or more. Anyone willing to lend a helping hand may donate by visiting Kickstarter website. 

About Kickstarter: 


Kickstarter is a crowd funding website that raises funds for all kinds of independent creative projects on various artistic disciplines. It is gathering funds from public for publishing author Lyzeth Inurrigarro’s book Descendant of Aphrodite. Visit the website for more information.