Orlando, FL — March 16, 2015 -Diabetes is one of the most prevalent conditions nowadays, especially in the United States. This condition can affect the feet, and this is why taking care of the feet may reduce the damage it causes.

Keeping feet healthy is believed to help prevent diabetes problems. Diabetes results in the presence of too much sugar in the blood, which causes nerve damage as well as poor blood flow. It could also result in severe foot problems.

When the nerves are damaged, signals stop being sent or when are sent, it is at the wrong times. Nerve damage can be alarming because it can cause sufferers to lose their feet. Poor blood flow, on the other hand, makes an infection or sore hard to heal.

When it’s a bad infection, it never heals. Gangrene may result from infection, and it causes the affected area to become smelly and black.

Individuals with diabetes are prone to common foot problems, which leads to infections and pain. Sufferers often have difficulties walking due to pain.

Corns and calluses are characterized by thick and hard layers of the skin. Corns are smaller than calluses in size. They can be caused by pressure or too much rubbing on the same spot. They usually develop where the first and second toes overlap.

Experts recommend that sufferers practice foot care routines to get rid of their corns or calluses. They must use measures that can prevent infection from developing. Dry and cracked skin may also develop.
There are several ways to keep the feet healthy, and one is to avoid unhealthy habits such as smoking. Sufferers should also see their healthcare provider for a yearly foot exam. If they have more foot problems, they should see their doctor more often.

Sufferers may also have their physician check the blood flow to their feet. It is similarly important that they monitor their blood glucose, and are aware if the numbers are too high or low.
Experts also recommend that sufferers should check their feet on a daily basis. They need to see if sores, cuts, infected toenails, redness, and calluses are there. Even if they do not feel pain at all, they may be suffering from serious foot problems.

There are foot care measures sufferers can resort to such as washing the feet with warm water on a daily basis. They should avoid soaking the skin to avoid dryness. They may also smooth corns and calluses safely by not using blades.

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