Keanu Reeves fights Britain’s tallest man in ‘47 Ronin

The actor reveals undergoing rigorous sword training for his role in the Samurai film


Martial arts fanatics are in for a present this New Year as Matrix star, Keanu Reeves returns to the big screen in ‘47 Ronin. The Speed actor left no stone unturned, preparing for the role of Kai, a Samurai and battling with one of the tallest man in the world. Based on real life event in early 18th Century in Japan, 47 Ronin is a mix of facts and fantasy and is set to release in India on 27th December.

To get into the skin of his character, Reeves underwent intense training, learning the Tengu sword techniques and then pit-fighting techniques. However, even for a tall man like Reeves, it was a real challenge to fight Britain’s tallest man, Neil Fingleton who stands at an impressive 7’7”. “That’s the challenge. How do you fight someone that tall?  In terms of attack, for me it’s about working high and low.  You go for the feet, you try to get inside.  Neil’s a professional athlete and has command of his physical skills, even if he started without much experience in stunt fighting,” notes Reeves.

Keanu Reeves is set to return to the big screen with 47 Ronin as Kai who was rejected by his village for being half-blood. Trained as a child by supernatural creatures called the Tengu, Kai fled when he realized that he did not want to become like them.  Rescued from the forest by Lord Asano, he is an agile fighter who is secretly in love with Asano’s daughter, Mika.  But when his master is tricked into an early death, Kai joins Oishi and the Ronin (masterless samurai) to seek vengeance upon the treacherous Lord Kira. But little did the ronins know that their new leader fights with the power of a demon and holds secrets that will change their destinies.

47 Ronin will open in India on 27th December, in English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.




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