Interested in improving your overall health and getting in better shape? You can achieve that simply by starting a regular physical exercise that involves dumbbells or käsipainot. These fitness products can be used by anyone, and most importantly, you do not have to go to the gym to be able to exercise with them.


Anyone can purchase a pair of dumbbells and start to increase strength in the comfort of their home. However, to obtain better results it would be preferable to combine the use of dumbbells or käsipainot with the use of other gym equipment or kuntosalilaitteet, like a pull-up bar, barbell, or weight lifting bench.


To build more muscle, tone your body, and increase stamina, people are invited to purchase differently sized dumbbells for an improved effectiveness. As with all fitness products, dumbbells need to be used properly, according to your weight and overall health status. If you are a sedentary person, it would be best to start with some adjustable dumbbells.


A dumbbell is much like a barbell, only that much smaller, since it can be held with one hand only. It is used in weight training and weight lifting, being usually made from rigid materials. Just like a barbell, a dumbbell presents a solid bar with two disc weights at its margins. While the bar is, in most cases, the same for most exercises involving dumbbells, the disc weights can vary.


Dumbbells designed for children or beginners are made of neoprene, and those created for adults or experienced fitness lovers are made of metal. Their weight can reach a top of 50 lbs. Although dumbbells seem like easy to use fitness products, they still require a certain etiquette in using them, if you do not want to get injured.


First of all, never try to use dumbbells when you are completely relaxed. In fact, the use of these pieces of fitness equipment should begin only after you warm up a little by practicing aerobic or just some regular workouts.


Secondly, make sure you can hold the dumbbells in your hands and do not suffer from sweaty hands; slipping a dumbbell on your feet is not pleasant at all. To avoid this, use a special powder to keep your hands dry and grip the dumbbells better.


Thirdly, to really work out your body, involve some other muscle groups into the action. As an example, while exercising with your dumbbells, bend your knees a bit, or if you are capable, you can even start to jump. Balance from right to left and vice versa while holding the dumbbells, lift your arms up and then bend to reach the ground, with dumbbells in your hands, and so on.


Here is how, with some small pieces of fitness equipment, anyone can experience the benefits of sport. To work out some other muscle groups though, people are invited to visit gyms more often and try the entire gym equipment or kuntosalilaitteet found there.

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