A first for Los Angeles, AERYK’s exhibition includes his latest series of “word blast” paintings, directly connecting to the world of gestural abstract expressionism, through an emotional and very personal, explosion of words.

The son of a West Indies preacher and a Saponi Indian painter, AERYK brings a unique, unbounded, spiritual rawness to using text as an art form. AerykWilliams.com @AerykWilliams

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Karl Hutter Fine Art specializes in the exhibition and sale of paintings, works on paper and sculpture by American and international artists of the Modern, Post-War and Contemporary periods.  The gallery has presented historically focused exhibitions featuring works by Francis Alys, Andy Warhol, Bruce Conner, Adolf Fleischmann and Claude Monet.

Other artists who have exhibited with Karl Hutter Fine Art include Dennis Koch, Brian Wills, Jedd Novatt, Florian Sussmayr, Christopher Makos, Chris Thorson and Miwa Ogasawara.