Montgomery County, MD; December 31, 2013: With the availability of a wide variety of modern, sophisticated and smart handheld devices, the world has virtually turned mobile. Everyone loves to carry these smart devices and connect to the internet to access websites and online applications. This is the reason why a business must develop a mobile marketing strategy to help penetrate this ever-growing mobile internet user base. Montgomery based leading mobile marketing agency, Kanlingan is now explaining the benefits of having a custom mobile website and maintains that it helps a business expand its customer base by tapping the mobile internet users. 

According to the owner of Kanlingan, Cyprien HOUNDJE, they have devised mobile marketing campaigns for a number of businesses and all of them reported significant growth following such innovative mobile marketing efforts. He reveals that mobile websites and mobile apps can be better utilized to take advantage of the social media networks. “Today, people love to access the internet using their iPhones, iPads, Android phones, tablets and a host of other devices. It’s easier for them to share something with their friends and relatives using these handy devices,” he states. 

Today, many internet marketing experts believe that the world has turned more mobile friendly and people remain connected to their mobile devices almost twenty-four hours a day. “That’s why it’s easier to reach them through their mobile devices,” Cyprien maintains. According to him, his team in Kanlingan has developed an expertise to plan creative and engaging mobile designing and developments that help clients achieve their goals. They have been doing mobile websites, apps development, social media and internet marketing campaigns and other endeavors that help businesses grow in a sustainable manner. 

Cyprien maintains that the mobile marketing is a new success mantra and a company that doesn’t have a mobile friendly website is certainly losing business to its competitors. However, he accepts that the awareness around mobile websites and mobile marketing is growing steadily and the year 2014 will be the year of mobile developments. Businesses or individuals who want to get benefited from this mobile development phenomenon must visit the website . 

About Kanlingan, LLC: 

Kanlingan, LLC is a leading mobile marketing agency based in the Montgomery County MD area. The firm offers mobile marketing services and are the experts in this domain. They provide a host of services related to mobile design and marketing, including text messaging, coupon creation, reputation management, app creation, social media management, and internet marketing services. 

Anyone willing to learn more about their services or for any query can visit the website .