Guess who kissed Kangna on Boogie Woogie?

It's a known fact that the beautiful and talented actress Kangna Ranaut has many fans who adore her. But it was a special moment when someone laid a kiss on Kangna's cheeks. To know more, read on!

Kangna Ranaut will make an appearance on Boogie Woogie to promote her film Queen. When she comes to know about Urgen being the favourite amongst the girls and that he dislikes them kissing him, she has an idea. She asks Urgen if she could kiss him and he denies it. Then she will ask Urgen if he could kiss her to which he agrees. 

Kangna should consider herself one lucky girl as she got a kiss from one of the cutest contestants on the show.



Catch entertainment with Kangana Ranaut on the set of Boogie Woogie, this Saturday, 21st December at 8:30 pm only on Sony Entertainment Television



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