JeraSoft Team is pleased to announce the release of a new major version of our carrier grade Billing platform — VCS 3.5.0. This version introduces major functionality of Jurisdictional Billing and Routing. In addition VCS 3.5.0 includes major interface improvement, several fixes and other improvements. VCS 3.5.0 is the result of great feedback from our clients and meets the needs of the broadest range of our customers.

This module is a brand new addition to the VoIP Carrier Suite. It is intended to solve the major tasks for US domestic traffic such as work with Local Number Portability, LNPdipping, Jurisdictional Billing and Routing.

Among the most important features of the module аrе:

  • Management of multiple rate tables per each jurisdiction
  • Jurisdictional routing in real-time
  • Jurisdictional billing for Online and Offline billing modes
  • Billing and routing over NPA NXX codes
  • Support of LNP dipping from multiple vendors or customer’s own database


Another big improvement of VCS 3.5.0 is that interface has been mostly switched from JavaScript to CSS. This will reduce the load on your browser and will make your VCS platform much faster. Moreover, the web interface was changed extensively to make your work much easier, more intuitive and more comfortable.

Retail Module

  • DIDs now can be placed on ”Hold” status if there is not enough money to renew the package and put them back to ”Active” status when package is renewed;
  • Packages are activated in realtime now immediately after assigning a package to a client.

General Improvements

  • Transactions section gets a new field called ”Group Call Charges” which allows you to see not only “Hourly” payments and charges but also other periods;
  • ”Mass Import” feature is added to our Presets section;
  • All reports get separate “Taxes” column for easier tracking of taxes.

There are many other improvements, such as Dialogic IMG Series collector addition, possibility to order codes by amount of minutes in LCR Lists, etc. You can always get the full list of changes and fixes ofJeraSoft VCS 3.5.0 by referring to our Release Notes.

All existing JeraSoft’s customers are encouraged to upgrade their current version to the latest JeraSoftVCS 3.5.0 release. Clients with active Support Subscription get this upgrade FREE of charge.