Wellington, New Zealand - Juno Markets, Asia’s global Forex broker, now offers clients automated strategies with Tradeworks. The premium subscription which is an online solution for building, testing and automating Forex trading strategies, is available free of charge.

Once known as "Magick", Tradeworks is the result of a series of new features and upgrades. It offers a particular focus on back testing. The easy-to-use system got designed to let traders create automated trading strategies. And it can all get done without the need for programming.

The automated Forex strategies are all hosted in the cloud. That means they run exclusive of any client systems and without the need for a Virtual Private Server.

Morten Fillipsen is one of the co-founders of Juno Markets. He explains how the solution has "broken down the barriers" for automated trading strategies. "We believe in specialization," says Mr. Fillipsen. He goes on to say how his firm wants to "bring the best possible trading environment" to their clients. He also says the partnership with Tradeworks is one welcomed by clients and partners.

The Tradeworks partnership coincides with the launch of the Juno Markets Portfolio Manager platform. Arthur Le, the other co-founder of the company, comments: "Smaller portfolio managers will typically come from a technical trading background." He also explained how those people seldom have programming skills. Mr. Le adds that the portfolio managers can now automate their strategies with ease. They can do so using the "sophisticated allocation tools" in their Portfolio Manager system.

A fresh and innovative company, Juno Markets is Asia's global Forex broker. It aims to provide the ultimate trading environment. It focuses on delivering a local focus to the Asian market but with a global mind-set.

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