Jordi’s Shop has recently announced the introduction of new sets of cosmetics, styling products and accessories in order to enhance home based styling techniques, but also to support professional salons relying on its products. The update came as a direct response to the constant demand of more diversified products for home based styling operations. This was the element that motivated Jordi’s Shop to make an effort and enhance its main menu with more products than ever.

Spain, Feb 12, 2015

Spain: With the one and only purpose to give more people the possibility to enjoy professional and salon based products at home, Jordi’s Shop has turned to this special category of enthusiasts to offer a more complex and diversified array of products. While the current products did have a reputation of their own, the brand is now offering more choices to those who want a deeply customized sense of hairstyling. The new products include nutritive elements for hair hydration, as well as brushes and other special accessories for a more facile hairstyling technique.

Around ten different products were added to the hair nutrition segment. They include argan oils, conditioning hair creams, nourishing ginseng masks, elastic keratin masks and keratin shampoos with no salt, among many others. As for the hairdressing accessories, brushes are only the leading products. Some of them are covered in talcum powder, while others are entirely made of ceramic. They come in more sizes for a deeper level of customization, while shoppers may also run into rollers, clips, combs and other similar accessories.

No matter which product is selected, Jordi’s Shop ensures ease of use and professional manufacturing brands. The new collection joins a more comprehensive one that includes finishing tools, oxidizers, dyes, shampoos, nail related products, disposable items and masks, just to name a few.

According to an official representative, “we have selected those items that we consider essential. A good accessory for a hairdresser is one that fulfills its purpose perfectly. Our aim is to see happy and radiant customers, so we only acquire high quality items.”

About Jordi’s Shop

Established in the summer of 2013, Jordi’s Shop has offered all kinds of hairstyling and dressing solutions to both professional salons and independent professionals, as well as average users. Dyes, shampoos, hairstyling solutions and professional tools are just some of the most common products on site. The collection is constantly being upgraded with new items. Visit for more information regarding this store.

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