Yogyakarta has now car hire service and local tourism help together in the form of Jogja Empat Roda.

Yogyakarta, Indonesia (May 30,2016): Jogja Empat Roda has launched its car rental service in the Yogyakarta city in Indonesia, and is also offering tourists information for the several travel packages in and around the city, while highlighting the city life, culture and monuments of the area. The call the car rental service as the Car Rental Mobil Jogja in their local language, and the service is made available for the local people as well as the tourists visiting Indonesia.

The website quotes the several car rentals offered by the company, and the minimum rental for a city car starts from 275.000 rupiahs. Several types of cars are offered for rentals, and the common varieties are the MPV, the luxury MPV, the SUV, the Sedan and the microbus. The MPV and SUV are to accommodate 6 to 10 people, and the Microbus is for a bigger group.

Besides car rental the website also provides tourists information, and suggests tour packages. All the places which are covered by their tour packages can be traversed by car from Yogyakarta. With such relevance packages have been designed by the tour operator. The website is just the online portal of the car rental business by Jogja Empat Roda, and their effort is to make the places around the city popular while they provide cars for tourists and city travelers to roam around for business, shopping or recreation.

With all the places highlighted they have a snapshot of the place, as well as tourist information about the specialty of the place, how to get there and details. Then again they have all information about all the models of cars they hire. The cars can be booked direct from the website, and they can be contacted by phone or email for the bookings. Information about their detailed services can be collected from http://jogjaempatroda.com/.

About Jogja Empat Roda:
Jogja Empat Roda is a car rentals company in Yogyakarta in Indonesia, and they several small and large vehicles and microbuses which they give on hire. They also have a section on site which promotes local tourism with info ration of tourist spots in and around the city.

Media Contact:
Contact Name/Company Name: JOGJA EMPAT RODA
City > State Name: YOGYAKARTA
Contact Address:
Jalan Karya Utama, Dusun Sedan, Sariharjo, Ngaglik, Sleman, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Contact E-mail: [email protected]
Phone Number: +62819 1555 0847 / +62812 2794 4404