J&K Bank awarded ‘Best Enterprise’ by Europe Business Assembly London


‘Manager of the year’ award for Chairman/CEO Mushtaq Ahmad


Mumbai, April , 2013: Coming as a strong international recognition for its enterprising performance in the field of banking and finance, J&K Bank has bagged the prestigious ‘Best Enterprise’ award from Europe Business Assembly (EBA) in London. The Socrates Committee of EBA also awarded the Chairman and CEO J&K Bank Mushtaq Ahmad with ‘Manager of the Year’ medal and a special statue.


Mushtaq Ahmad received the award during the “Best Enterprises. Achievements. 2013: Business Leaders Summit” held last week at the British Institute of Directors, London. 130 businessmen from 35 countries participated in the summit.


Howell Christina, Head of External Relations Department, Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce, UK and Briggs Paul, President, International Club of Leaders, UK presented the award along with medal and a special statue to the Chairman Mushtaq Ahmad.


It was the ceremony for the presentations of companies which were included to the EBA rating of ‘Dynamically developing companies of the world in the field of management and international economy integration.’

Expressing satisfaction on the occasion, Chairman said, “There couldn’t be a better time to receive such recognition for relentless progression and dynamic growth of our Bank, and amid such prestigious economic gathering here in London.”


I receive this award for every employee and stakeholder of J&K Bank and offer my heartfelt gratitude to the European Business Assembly for this unforgettable moment in our Platinum Jubilee Year, he said.

It was an excellent opportunity to meet global leaders from the world of banking and experts on finance here at the Leaders Summit, he added.  


Earlier, in his welcome address, Director General European Business Assembly John W A Netting said, “The primary aim of this important event is the recognition of the outstanding achievements of our participants during 2012, and the presentation of awards to outstanding managers and companies from throughout the world.”


Notwithstanding modern day challenges, such as economic restraints, EBA recognizes high professionalism of company executives and their teams who have put so much effort into the development of their countries’ economies, he added.


Sir John Michael Middlecott Banham, foremost Britain’s business leader delivered the opening ceremony speech.


The key note speech titled ’Europe and dynamically developing markets: partnership or economic expansion?’ was delivered on the occasion by Sir Richard Needham, a famous British politician and businessman.


Notably, the Best Enterprise Certificate reads, “J&K Bank has been recognised as one of the ‘Best Enterprises’ in the field of finance and banking, India.  

Along with the certificate and medal, there is a statue produced in the shape of a hand symbolizing hard work.  




The research in this regard was conducted by the analytical centres of the Europe Business Assembly (EBA, Oxford, Great Britain).


The results of the research were presented in the Institute of Directors of Great Britain during the London Business Leaders Summit (10-12 April 2013, London).


Notably, Europe Business Assembly (EBA), Oxford is a London based independent corporation for development and management of economic, social and humanitarian collaboration, which promotes transformation of state-of-the-art experience and economic practices, establishment of economic, educational, cultural, and scientific ties, creation of national business elites. Creation of a positive image of dynamically developing regions, companies and individuals in the European and global business community is the main mission of EBA institutions and representative offices, and of its strategic partners around the world.


Those who participated in the summit included Co-chairman, the Summit of Leaders, UK John Netting, Sir Richard Needham, UK, Managing Director, Gensler UK Ian Mulcahey, Business Development Manager, Oxford Business School, UK Rafal Witczak, Head of the Economic and Commercial Section, Embassy of Argentina Alejandro Piñeiro Aramburu, Head of London Corporate, Blake Lapthorn, UK Martin Kay, Adviser, Ministry of Trade — Kurdistan Region, Iraq Fathi Mohammed Ali Abdullah,  The UK’s foremost business leader Sir John Michael Middlecott Banham, , Principal of Financial Markets Law International, UK Richard Parlour.


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