Shenzhen City, P.R. China; 02, March 2016: For many industries, welding is an important part of their production process and for which they need reliable welding solutions. China based JiWeiDa Welding Equipment Company is the one-stop supplier of welding equipment and they have a wide variety of tools in their stock. The company specializes in the research and manufacturing of cutting-edge welding tools that can help industries to carry out their welding tasks with a greater ease and efficiency.

Among the modern welding equipment and accessories, their gas regulator is a popular product, supplied all across the world. They have high quality carbon dioxide regulators, argon gas regulators, detachable carbon dioxide regulators, argon gas pressure regulators and other types of gas regulators. These regulators can precisely regulate the gas flow and can be used in industrial units, labs, welding workshops and other places. The body of the regulator is made of high quality aluminum alloy and the electrical heating design protects the regulator to make it safe for use in different factory conditions.

The company is also a leading supplier of gas flame cutting torch that is an important tool for welding. The non-rust steel torch is made of high quality brass while gas pipes are made of high quality stainless steel. The high strength and durable oxygen acetylene gas flame torch has a variety of applications in industrial sector and can be used for cutting materials of varied thicknesses in a safe and efficient manner.

According to the spokesperson of the company, they have the complete set of welding equipment for industries around the world. Customers can also procure the tungsten electrode that is an important tool for welding or soldering. A heat insulating and anti-electrical leakage construction makes these electrodes safe for use in industrial units. The spokesperson reveals that all equipments are made of high quality anti-rusting materials and are safe and durable for use. One can learn more about the products available with them by visiting their website

About JiWeiDa Welding Equipment Co., Ltd:

JiWeiDa Welding Equipment Company is a high-tech enterprise, focusing on the R&D, Manufacturing and Marketing of welding equipments and accessories. With all the perfect production facilities and testing devices of a complete Quality Control system, the company can take the opportunities to keep developing and growing continuously with modern welding solutions for different industries.

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