Shanghai, China; 16, February 2015: For binding and gluing a wide range of feed products, pellet binders are the essential components. Jingbao Group specializes in manufacturing and supplying high performance binding products that are safe for the environment and help create an eco-friendly living environment for the modern population. The company has an extensive experience of supplying a variety of binders and has own research labs to innovate and come up with new products for its customers. 

Among new products, their Urea formaldehyde pellet binder is well-recognized for its variety of applications in wood based products. The binder is perfect for wood processing and creating useful wood products. The binder is extremely durable and offers a stable performance to create a tough binding. Besides offering a long-lasting performance, the binder doesn’t create any adverse environmental impact to help preserve the ecology in the surroundings. 

The spokesperson of the company reveals that their JB Pellet Binders cover almost 70% of the Chinese market share and is often considered as a reliable product for their stable performance. These pallet binders contain binders for aqua feeds and binders for animal feeds. The binders are very useful for improving the quality of the pellet feeds with the inclusion of nutritional elements. The binders are highly hydroscopic to remain stable for a period of twelve months or over. However, it is recommended to store it in a cold and dry place. 

Jingbao Group boasts of its Urea—formaldehyde (UF) Resins that are synthesized from urea and formaldehyde. The resins are easy to use and easy to dissolve in water for a variety of usage. It can be used to achieve an anti-corrosion and anti-bacteria toughness of wood based products. With cold and heat curing, one can easily achieve the desired results using the resins. These resins have a wide application in plant fiber products as well as in Civil Engineering. 

The company supplies its products to a number of overseas markets and products conform to the relevant standards as per the application requirements. To learn more about its binders and products, one may visit the website 

About Jingbao Group: 

Jingbao Group has almost 30 years experience in producing and supplying feed pellet binders around the globe. It covers 70% of the China market share and enjoys a very good reputation and brand effect in the global markets. As the leading producer of pellet binder, they have a vast presence in the oversea markets throughout America, Mexico, Ecuador, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, etc. 

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