07, February 2015:Jimmy’s Fries & Shakes‘ has been nominated among the 100 fastest growing franchises in 2014 in America by Franchising Today.The restaurant is popular for offering several delicious dishes including poutine, Canadian dishes and itssignature milkshakes. If experts of the fields are to be believed ‘Jimmy’s Fries & Shakes’ is expecting an aggressive expansion in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar and Bahrain over the period of next 18 months following this announcement.

Speaking to media, Chloe Sheffels, the VP Franchise Developmentfrom the restaurant said, “We are excited to be selected as the fastest growing franchises from America in 2014. Our incredible food range, quality and taste are the major reasons behind the same.” He further added, “We have been serving people in New York for few years but got amazing love and response from them. Our aim is to be successful in other areas and countries as well in times to come.”

According to sources, Jimmy’s Fries & Shakes specializes in offering poutine and milkshakes.Poutine is a traditional Canadian fast food dish and basically includes French fries, cheese curds and gravy. The restaurant serves a wide range ofpoutine for its customers that include Chicken Teriyaki Poutine – a dish with green onion, black olives,Chicken Teriyaki, parsleyred and green bell peppers, Veggie Poutine – Waffle or regular fries, jalapenos, black olives, sour cream, tomatoes, orange and green bell peppers topped with cheddar cheese sauce and Brunch poutine – bacon, eggs, red and yellow capsicums and corn.

In addition, ‘Jimmy’s fries & Shakes’ also offers Falafel Poutine – Falafel, fried eggplants, parsley and white cheese sauce, Ring-o-tine – Onion rings instead of the fries, parsley, white cheese sauce and cheddar cheese sauce served with cheese curds.

About ‘Jimmy’s fries & Shakes’:

‘Jimmy’s fries & Shakes’ is a New York based restaurant that offers a huge variety of dishes for customers. The popular restaurant in NY has been nominated in 2014 among America’s 100 fastest growing franchises by Franchising Today.

For Media Contact:
Contact Person: Ms. Chloe Sheffels, (VP Franchise Development)
Address: 244 5th Ave,
New York, NY 10001
Contact Number: 646-878-9057
E-Mail: [email protected]
Website: http://jimmysfries.com/