RAA ATOLL, APRIL 1, 2021 - Former Miss World Next Top Model 2019 and popular fashion icon Chloe Othen shoots for a popular luxurious jewelry brand at the Treasure Islands' Dream — Maldives. Gracing the rustic but beautiful ambience of the brand new 5-star resort — You & Me — Chloe Othen is fascinated by the untouched, unpolluted, virgin, au naturel, part of the islands of Maldives at Raa Atoll, representing everything that a person wants to visit atleast once in her or his life.

Through her hard work, intelligence and pleasing personality that saw her among the top in different beauty pageants, Chloe Othen was chosen to be the face of famous jewelry brand — Pacha of London. After a successful stint with them, she was later chosen to represent and model for a well-respected brand in the luxury watch industry. Winner of multiple pageants, including Miss Earth England in 2013, Chloe is a self-made woman, a popular fashion icon and a successful entrepreneur.

As a model for Pacha Of London, she got a chance to dine at the You and Me Cocoon — which is an island situated in the most exceptional and serene corner of the Maldives. The island is known for its privacy, serene, rustic and romantic atmosphere bound to make you take or renew your vows. Having taken in the maximum advantage of the beauty the island has to offer she highly recommends You and Me Cocoon to everyone who fancies a vacation to this exotic part of the world.

"I don't remember the last time I saw a place as exciting and lively as this. I was provided ample opportunity to perform my art and do best what I do. Modeling without a proper ambience and atmosphere is impossible. And You & Me Maldives provided that to be to the fullest. Its surroundings are so breathtaking that I can tell you confidently if heaven looks like anything, it's Maldives. Let You and Me Maldives be your Gatekeeper to Heaven", said Chloe Othen.

You And Me Maldives is a brand new, 5-star resort that's located in Raa Atoll, Northern Maldives. A short distance from Ifiru International Airport, it is known for providing a great view into the scenic beauty of the island coupled with a fully submerged, underwater restaurant that gives diners a 360 degree view of the Maldives’ breathtaking marine environment.

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