Car detailing has been a part of car maintenance over the past decade. Washing the car and getting its timely servicing at the nearby garage did not do it anymore. Car owners had to give that extra care with professional detailing to be in top state. With these professional detailings, cars also seemed to last longer than its guaranteed time. With proper coating, paints retained its gloss for a longer time as opposed to those that did not get the regular polish coating.

The shaky economy in the past years has indicated that people own their car for a longer period of time. This longer ownership is simply because of the fact that they cannot afford to replace the older with a new one. This has led to an increased demand for car detailing because the older the car is, the more frequently it needs its detailing. The car detailing in St. Matthews SC has increased a notch higher in the field of competition. J&B Detailing is an innovative company in this industry and it has just increased the competition level with its revised pricing.

This leading Mobile Auto Detailing St. Matthews SC has noticed that customers are not happy that they have to pay the same amount for detailing an older car. For this reason, the company has started an offer of discounted charges for detailing older cars that already has a full paint restoration or that which already had a polish coat just a month or two ago. Another thing that sets this Pelion SC Car Detailing apart from the others is that its detailing last longer than the others.

J&B Detailing offers its service at a better quality level. With the increase in demand for its services, the company has also recently announced that its will expand its services to nearby areas of St. Matthews SC.

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