Like all other tea estates of Jay Shree Tea in Darjeeling, Singbulli too boasts of its quality and variety of products. First flush blend from this garden is very popular among the consumers.

Singbulli in Darjeeling is one of the tea estates of Jay Shree Tea. The company offers top quality First Flush loose leaf Darjeeling blend from this estate at a pocket-friendly price.

Jay Shree Tea and Its Singbulli Estate
Singbulli is one of the many magnificent tea estates Jay Shree Tea owns in Darjeeling. The company took the ownership of this garden in 2003 and divided it into four divisions. The company has an active management team. It makes hard effort to maintain bio-diversity and bring ecological up-gradation at Singbulli. It has also initiated diverse programmes for environmental protection and soil conservation of the garden.
Why are all these hard works for? It is only to assure the customers that are sure to get the best quality beverage from Jay Shree Tea estates like Singbulli.

-    Singbulli has earned a good name all over the world for its Second Flush, First Flush. Autumn Tea and Clonal varieties.

-    Clonal plantation spreads across an area of 75 hectares.

-    Thanks to the quality of beverage it produces! The popularity and purity of the products have fetched Singbulli a number of certifications. IMO Control certifies it as 100% organic and SGC has awarded it the certification of DUTCH HACCP and Fair Trade.

-    The presence of Vermipost plants and vegetative compositing proves how Jay Shree Tea tries to save its tea garden and at the same time maintain ecological balance.

Types of Blends at Singbulli

This tea producing company offers a wide range of blends from its tea gardens like —
-    Clonal Superb
-    Clonal Flowery
-    Exquisite Blends such as SFTGFOP1 RUBY
-    Organic Green Tea
-    Organic Black Tea

Singbulli can offer the best quality Darjeeling First Flush blends loose leaf blends and there are few companies online, like jay Shree Tea, which assure its customers of the quality.

About the Company in Brief
Jay Shree Tea is amongst those companies which do not compromise with its products. It takes utmost care to make sure that the freshness and distinct flavor of each blend is restored till it to the hands of the customers. Its hard work and quality control has made it the No. 1 company in the Darjeeling wholesale tea market.

Get more information about Jay Shree Tea from their website. Through the website it has shared a lot of information.
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