PORTSMOUTH, NH, March 7, 2016 — janegee is a well-being store with expertise in organic acne treatments, full face waxing, natural beauty products, and more. jane has recently developed and released a new product to help her clients achieve strong and healthy hair — janegee hair oil. janegee hair oil contains a unique blend of essential oils that work to condition and rejuvenate the scalp and hair follicles.

janegee hair oil includes a combination of peppermint and rosemary essential oils, designed to condition and moisturize the scalp to promote growth and prevent loss. It leaves hair thicker, stronger and healthier. Along with creating both body and bounce, the oils also aid in detangling.

Peppermint oil is rapidly becoming one of the most efficient and useful essential oils for treating the scalp and improving hair growth. It rejuvenates the hair follicles and is extremely rich in fatty acids (which are key to stimulating the health of your scalp). It also cleanses the scalp by getting rid of yeast colonies and dandruff in the process. Peppermint oil can also sooth headaches and improve concentration.

Rosemary is a nutrient rich essential oil that is virtually “food for the scalp”. It targets the bacteria that clog the hair follicles to promote scalp health, and stimulates blood circulation to help with hair growth. Rosemary oil is also known to improve memory, and helps with staying awake and alert during the day.

Together, these two oils create a powerful natural blend that strengthens the scalp, refreshes the look of your hair, and improves your daily life. janegee’s focus is on the whole body, mind, and self. Whether you are seeking simple pleasures like janegee’s garden mint soap or lavender bath bomb to bring relaxation to your days, or you’re looking for a professional to trust for a natural acne treatment nh — let janegee be your guide to a more delighted state.

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