090301.com reveals the controversial truth behind the 9/11 story online. James Jensen, the author of the book - Osama bin Laden In The Heartland: o9-o3-o1 Pre 9/11 opens up about his personal experience of the encountering Osama Bin Laden Before 9/11 happened.

According to the author, audience will remain excited throughout the book as it will share the truth about 9/11 that has been unmasked since the incident occurred. In line with the reports shared by the author, 9/11 conspiracies will be highlighted in the book that will definitely make the readers familiar with many details that are not disclosed publically. The author adds that few days before the ferocious 9/11 incident, he met a group of Saudis including Osama hiding his identity. The author explains the whole incident of meeting Osama Bin Laden in the Heartland.

090301.Com highlights the eminent features of the James Paul Jensen books that possess the capability to hold its readers throughout the story. The author mentions in his story that how Osama Bin Laden in the US captured his shop and the author’s experience of that moment. James Jensen emphasizes on the troubles he faced to publish the controversial theme acquiring story and his struggle throughout that touch time span to bring out the truth in front of the world. Readers can purchase the intriguing book from the 090301.com portal or author’s personal website. The book is reported to be pretty inexpensive and exciting.

About James Paul Jensen
James Paul Jensen is not a professional writer for a long while. The 9/11 incident pushed him to pen down the true story behind that fierce scenario collaborating his personal emotions and the bridge of intriguing words. He is a grandpa, a dad, son, and brother and pretty friendly in nature.

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