02, April 2015: Iversondental-labs.com recently launched new dental crowns and bridges for better esthetics and lifelike qualities. New advances in ceramic technology, such as IPS e.max® Lithium Disilicate and full contour zirconia, increases the esthetic and durable quality of Iverson’s dental products. Their crowns and bridges are manufactured in a variety of conventional and advanced ceramic materials for a wide range of indications. 

Iverson Dental Labs

By also utilizing new digital technologies in digital dentistry, their lab is able to use CNC milling machines and CAD/CAM digital systems to design and mill crowns and bridges for astonishing accurate and esthetically precise results. The introduction of these new advances in ceramics and digital systems is revolutionizing dental methods and procedures associated with elite dental prosthetics. Considering this, Iversondental-labs.com recently launched its new line of dental bridges and dental crowns that consistently ensures patient acceptance and confidence in their smile. 

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With the advent of technologicaladvancesin dental methods and procedures, the industry is being transformed for majorimprovements. The reach of cutting-edge dental products that improve esthetics, strength and longevityis still limited to a few and is yet to reach a majority of dental patients. In fact, the dental industry is more than a decade behind in adopting and integrating new technologies on a widespread basis compared to other industries in biomedical engineering, medicine, electronics, automotive and aeronautics, and others. With the ensuring future of digital dentistry, dental practices are encouraged to become part of the early majority of those staying on the forefront of technology. 

All-ceramic restorations or metal-free restorations, such as porcelain fused to zirconia and full contour zirconia, are gaining huge momentum in the dental industry. They are highly regarded as being more reliable, longer lasting and more esthetically driven than conventional prosthetics such as PFMs (Porcelain fused to metal). Concerning PFMs, the porcelain layers fused to the metal alloy has be known to break off after a period of time allowing for a shorter life span, costing more in the long run. Not only is the durability compromised from PFMs, the metal substructure makes it difficult to control the transparency and color matching of the restoration. All-ceramic restorations, like IPS e.max® Lithium Disilicate, find extreme strength in their monolithic structure and because of the ceramic substructure having a close match to natural teeth than dark metal, the prosthetic is able to achieve the best esthetic outcome. 

IDL’s manager at their Ceramic department states, “Iverson Dental Laboratories is pleased to offer all ceramic restorationsfor a wide range of indications. Using high strength,all-ceramic materials for our dental products is quickly gaining popularity due to the translucent quality of the prosthetic that mimics the appearance of natural teeth. Having more control over the opacity of the coping and substructure of the prosthetic greatly improves esthetic results therefore patient satisfaction.” 

His assistant added, “The translucency of IPS e.max® veneers mimics natural teeth so closely that even you will have a difficult time seeing the difference between the two. Patients may not know to request a translucent material, but they do recognize the improvement that it makes.” 

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Iverson Dental Labs is a leading and trusted full service dental labbased in California that offers a wide range of dental products and dental services. Iverson Dental Labs hasover 25 years of experience as a successful dental laboratory. They specialize in implant treatment, cosmetic and digital dentistry to provide a wide range of customized dental products and solutions. 

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