Iverson Dental Labs has recently reported how they are able to provide innovative dental products and solutions with the growing popularity of CAD/CAM (computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing) technology in the dental industry. The expansion of CAD/CAM digital technologies in the past 10 years has greatly improved the quality and techniques used to produce dental prosthetics, especially surgical guided implants and dental impressions.

Continued improvements to CAD/CAM technologies has challenged and enhanced the techniques used to fabricate dental products, particularly implant-supported prosthesis and the use of surgical guides. Implant-supported dental prosthesis is gaining huge popularity among dental patients who have one or more missing teeth because of the longevity and biocompatible nature associated with implant treatment.

In a 2014 research study conducted by Dr. Kapos, DDS and Dr. Evans, BDSc Hons (QLD) at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine, researchers wanted to measure the failure and survival rates of CAD/CAM implant-supported restorations and abutments compared to conventionally fabricate implant prostheses. Although they found the survival rate from conventionally fabricated implants was comparable to CAD/CAM implant-supported prosthesis, they found color matching and durability was significantly better for all-ceramic dental crowns. They estimated the mean failure and survival rate of implants supporting CAD/CAM crowns was 98.85%. The failure and survival rate of implants supporting CAD/CAM abutments was an astonishing 99.85% with no reported technical complications.

Utilizing CAD/CAM technology to digital plan surgical guides has made the procedure of implanting prosthetics more accurate and reliable then previous methods. Iverson Dental Labs utilizes CAD/CAM technology to virtually plan and customize their surgical guides so the dentist can correctly drill and position the implants. They developed their own surgical guide, AccuGuide, to better address the need of highly accurate implant positioning to maximize the use of available bone. Iverson’s Dental Implant Department assists dentists with implant planning and treatment prior to surgery for a higher success rate and patient satisfaction.

By not owning a digital system does not exclude dentists from taking advantage of the cutting edge technology of 3D digital scanning from CAD/CAM systems because Iverson Dental Labs has made Model Free dental crown and dental bridge options available for dentists. Iverson’s dentists deliver a physical impression to Iverson’s Lab and the lab scans the impression digitally, then building the model on the computer for acute precision and cost efficiency. By utilizing CAD/CAM digital design software, Iverson’s certified dental technicians are able to save time by skipping tedious steps such as fabricating prosthetics and models by hand.

Gaining some perspective from one of IDL’s long-time clients, Ronald G. White, DDS comments, “Iverson Dental Laboratories has been meeting my laboratory needs for more than 14 years. Their quality and service has always been excellent. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a cutting edge full service dental laboratory.”

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Iverson Dental labs is a full service dental lab based in Southern California that specializes in implant, cosmetic and digital dentistry. They make all of their high quality dental products in the USA, giving them one of the fastest in-lab turnaround times in the dental industry. They also provide patient acquisition services for an increase in revenue for dental practices and educational seminars for digital systems, dental products and procedures.

Visit their website http://www.iversondental-labs.com/ for more info.

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