• Online survey "Electron Diffraction: Today & Tomorrow" surveys the state and spread of electron diffraction
  • Participation still possible until 31 October; time required approx. 15 min
  • For each completed questionnaire, USD 10 will be donated to the IUCr Education and Outreach Fund or the Gjønnes Medal Fund

Villigen (PARK INNOVAARE, PSI/West, Switzerland), October 8, 2021 – Under the title "Electron Diffraction: Today and Tomorrow", ELDICO Scientific, a Swiss manufacturer of innovative electron diffractometers, and the world association of crystallographers, the International Union of Crystallography (IUCr), are collecting data on the current state of electron diffraction in a joint survey. In particular, the survey inquires about the use of this technology in academic and industrial research, its prevalence, its main applications and the analytical hardware used for this purpose. The aim of the study is to provide a current representative picture of the state of electron diffraction. On this basis, conclusions can be drawn that will enable the scientific community and equipment suppliers to initiate product developments in a targeted manner and provide new applications. Participation in the survey takes about 15 minutes. For each completed questionnaire, ELDICO will donate 10 US dollars to IUCr, allowing the respective participant to choose between the IUCr Education and Outreach Fund and the Gjønnes Medal Fund. All participants in the study will receive the results free of charge.


"Electron diffraction is opening up fascinating new perspectives in many areas of research. This means it will be all the more important to provide suitable analytical instruments, developing them as quickly as possible to ensure the scientific community can make optimal use of them. The study is designed to help us drive this effort," says Dr. Eric Hovestreydt, Commercial CEO of ELDICO Scientific. Currently, there is a lack of specific analytical tools, i.e. tools developed for the needs of crystallography; this has been an obstacle to the acceptance and widespread use of the method in academic and industrial research. The joint study aims to change that.


Nanotechnology is a key driver of innovation in fast-growing industries such as pharmaceuticals and electromobility, as well as in the development of new materials. Nanoanalytics plays a key role in this respect. Electron diffraction is a nanoanalytical technique that is currently gaining momentum and has recently become an increasingly popular topic at scientific conferences. This novel technology supports the discovery of new drugs, the production of powerful, safe batteries and the development of new materials such as metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), which are important for CO2 storage.






About ELDICO Scientific AG


ELDICO Scientific AG (The Electron Diffraction Company) is a Swiss technology and service company founded in 2019 and based in the Switzerland Innovation Park Innovaare at the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI), a world-leading research institute for natural sciences and engineering. ELDICO develops, manufactures and markets novel instruments and solutions for electron-based crystallography. ELDICO is launching the first instrument specifically designed for nanocrystallography. The proof-of-concept was developed in 2018 (ETH Zurich, C-CINA Basel) as part of a Nano-Argovia project funded by the Swiss Nanoscience Institute (SNI). It was published in 2018 and awarded as a Top 5 "Breakthrough of the Year 2018" by the leading science magazine SCIENCE. In addition to numerous accolades at the Swiss and EU level, ELDICO took 2nd place in the competition for the prestigious Pioneer Award from Technopark Zurich and the Zürcher Kantonalbank (ZKB) in 2020. ELDICO's customers are industrial and academic researchers in large and fast-growing sectors such as the pharmaceutical industry, electromobility and the advanced materials/MOF sector. ELDICO works with established development partners and suppliers, including Dectris, the world's leading detector manufacturer from Switzerland.



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