Santa Rosa, CA United States, 26, May 2016: There's no denying people have a vast choice of dentists. When they need dental treatments and check-ups, it's crucial they use a trusted dentist. The condition of one's teeth can have a big impact on the rest of their health. So, who can one trust for dentistry work in the Santa Rosa, California area?

Mark S. Frey, DDS is a dentist celebrating his 20th year in service in Sonoma County. A cursory glance at his website reveals his practice is highly commended by patients. In fact, the verified reviews from their patients boast an impressive overall five star rating. So, what is it about Mark S. Frey, DDS that appeals to the Santa Rosans the most?

Full scope of general and cosmetic dentistry

One of the main reasons clients prefer to use Mark S. Frey, DDS is because of the broad range of services offered. He is a family dentist and so is happy to work with both adults and children alike. Using state of the art equipment, he and his team can offer dental work with comfort and compassion.

Let's face it. There's a common preconception that everyone hates visiting the dentist. But, Frey and his team do whatever it takes to offer a pleasant experience to all clients. Because of the industry-leading equipment used, dental work gets done more quickly and efficiently.

For example, Waterlase is a form of treatment used for many types of fillings and gum treatments. What's extraordinary about it is local anesthesia isn't needed during those procedures! Gone are the days of painful and terrifying dental work.

Dental fillings and restorations

One of the most common forms of dental work is having fillings and restoration. Frey only uses mercury-free fillings. What's more, since he opened his practice back in 1996, he only uses tooth-colored ones.

These fillings offer many distinct advantages over their silver (amalgam) counterparts, such as a more attractive appearance and no risk of mercury poisoning due to decay over time. In addition, they are durable and aren't prone to expansion and contraction like silver amalgam.

Gum disease laser therapy

Frey uses Waterlase to tackle gum disease in his patients. It's a revolutionary laser technology that combines intense light and water. Waterlase doesn't transmit heat or vibration, reducing discomfort in patients. It's a precision tool that makes treatment more accurate, efficient and comfortable.

Cosmetic dentistry

Aside from regular dental work, Mark S. Frey, DDS and his team can also carry out cosmetic dentistry. Services on offer include bonding, inlays and onlays, porcelain veneers and "Zoom!" teeth whitening.v
During the initial meeting, Frey will carry out a routine dental check-up and clean. He'll also assess each patient's teeth before offering a cosmetic treatment plan.

About Mark S. Frey, DDS

A leading dental practitioner located in Sonoma County, California. Since 1996, Frey and his friendly team of hygienists has served the citizens of Santa Rosa. They offer a variety of family and cosmetic dental services.

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Person Name: Mark S. Frey, DDS
Address: 990 Sonoma Ave #6
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Phone: +1 (707) 800-3556
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