It’s Mohit versus Mohit in Devon keDev… Mahadev as Mahadev’s greatest enemy Jallandhar surfaces

 TV’s most legendary battle as positive and negative fight it out to emerge victorious


Devon keDev… Mahadev on Life OK, the mythological epic that has left the nation awestruck, is now ready to take the story to a new level.A refreshing take on Lord Shiva’s life, coupled with an engaging storyline that has always showcased Life OK’s philosophy of ‘Cherish your values’; Devon keDev… Mahadev has definitely set a benchmark on Indian television.

To take the show to greater levels, the story will now introduce to audiences, Mahadev’s greatest enemy — Jallanadhar. Adding glory to the existing storyline, MohitRaina, who portrays Mahadev, will now also be seen as negative lead, as he takes on the role to play Jallandhar. For the first time, audiences with see Mohit in a double role, in this ultimate take-off Mahadev v/s Jallandhar.

As the tale goes, Mahadev happily continues on with his wife Parvati and children, Ganesha and Kartikeya, somewhere in the ocean a new body emerges, the ansh of Mahadev.Matsakanyaraises this ansh, Jallandhar, as her own son.Once Indrarealizes Jalandhar’s presence, he gets insecure and sends his army to kill Jallandhar but in the process ends up killing Matsyakanya and thus a kid filled with rage and anger emerges.  Shukracharya (Asuronke Guru) and Shukracharya sees Shiva in this child, he then realises who better to be the leader of Asurs than an Ansh of Mahadev himself and hence starts training Jallandhar. To make Jallandhar even more powerful he gets him married to Vrinda, a very pure soul and because of Vrinda’s bhakti Jallandhar gets even more powerful.

Jalandhar, filled with pride now challenges the Devtas

We now see Jallandhar challenging all the Devtas to return the things that they took during the sagarmanthan and whoever does not comply has to face the wrath of Jallandhar. He gets so blinded by power that under the coaxing of Narad, he challenges Mahadev and now wants to replace Mahadev as the Devon ka Dev.

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