19, September 2014: September brings some of the most important events on the Venetian rowing calendar. One of the most anticipated, and elaborate rowing spectacles is the annual Voga alla Veneta, with the main event being the Regata Storica. This year’s historic race is no exception, with competitors and spectators excitedly finalizing their preparations. As a spectator, and tourist, one of the best places to view the festival and race from is aboard one of the many comfortable Italian river cruisesavailable in the area. 

Historical Pageantry 

The Voga alla Veneta is a truly unique historical celebration of Venice’s rich past as one of the Mediterranean’s most influential and powerful maritime epicentres. Top cruise company representatives say that the water pageant and festival that precedes the much-anticipated Regata Storica race usually draws a huge crowd. Viewing the event from on board one of the Italian river cruises is an ideal way to enjoy the unforgettable sight of the 16th century-style boats and gondoliers, decked out in period costume for this vibrantly coloured parade. 

The Regata Storica 

The highlight of the event, the Regata Storica, is a time-honoured tradition in Venice that has been practiced for thousands of years. There are strategically positioned floating stalls near the finish line, which is itself an elaborately decorated floating stage placed in front of the Ca’ Foscari Palace. For these races, this is the best location for catching sight of the furiously fast sporting gondolas that fly down the Grand Canal during the most exciting Campioni su Gondolini race. 

Best View in the House 

It is possible to purchase tickets for a seat on the main viewing platform set near Campo San Vio. However, as with most Venetian events their popularity makes the crowds an issue. Consequently, those taking advantage of Italian river cruises or locally moored boats will have the best, most relaxing vantage to experience the spectacular Vogo alla Venata. 

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