It was my dream to work with Karan Johar — Bhushan Kumar


The man behind the success of Music Giant ‘T-Series’ is known to never have spoken out in the open. The man now bares it all on UTV STARS’ YehHaiMeriKahani. He spoke at length about his journey in the industry and life after Gulshan Kumar!

Bhushan had a great childhood. He would ask for a car and his father would present him with it. His father had a successful cassette making business and did pretty well for himself in the music industry. But he was always snubbed by the Film industry. He was never nominated for awards at prominent award functions. Thus, Bhushan took it upon himself to avenge his father’s humiliation and he’s done that mighty well. He spoke about how his life changed completely and he took it upon himself to fulfill his father’s dream of creating the best and most soulful music in the country. Bhushan also mentioned that he’s always admired Karan Johar’s music (in his films) and initiated talks with father YashJohar, several years ago. He said that it was his dream to work with Karan. Things didn’t work out then. But today, T-Series owns the music labels of most of Karan’s films!

To find out more about Bhushan Kumar’s heart- warming journey in the film industry, tune in to the episode of YehHaiMeriKahani, this Sunday, 14th April at 7pm, only on UTV STARS!




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