(Free Press Release) Web directory of software development companies in Ukraine - IT Catalogue (http://it-catalogue.net) - has launched new features.

"We have decided to redesign a little our News and Events module to make it more readable for our users" - says manager of IT Catalogue Mayya Kochina " If you visit our site you will see that the items at the page have been delimited. Also we have already launched a News archive module, the option can be found under the calendar at the news page"

It seems that It Catalogue team gladden us with a new features each week. As far as we know they have enchanted VIP company profile, so it is more convenient for the TOP Ukrainian companies then before. The news and events adding module for the companies has now functions of editing and deleting news, as well as each company has got its own news archive. The boarders at the TOP lists are also making the use of IT Catalogue handy, according to statistics provided by the directory PR department there are over 5 clicks a day on TOP company, so the advertisement at the website becomes more and more useful for PR.

And what about design and new features at the news? As we have already told you news module is now more handy, and we also found out that IT Catalogue supports video from Youtube and some other popular streaming video services, and as a result the editors of online media publishing reviews and trailers of the new products at the market.

IT Catalogue also supports a number of Ukrainian events as a informational partner. There are webinars, seminars, conferences and exhibitions which are supported by IT Catalogue team. According to the manager of the company IT Catalogue is open to any invitation for partnership since the propagation of the useful information over the Internet is the main aim of the portal.