15, March 2016: As the issue of protecting the endangered ecological environment which is a dire necessity, gains in importance with every passing day, there is an indispensable need to harness conventional energy systems very efficiently. At the same time, the urgency of switching to renewable energy mechanisms or systems like biomass boilers and ground source heat pumps from equipment powered by traditional energy sources like fossil fuels or LPG has never been more imminent. Making this switchover i.e. using renewable energy sources in place of non-renewable energy sources for fulfilling commercial and domestic activities not only safeguards the environment but also results in reduction of fuel/fueling expenses. Estimated and weighted against current prices of fuels, the savings are to the extent of 60%-80%.

ISO Energy is a reputed designer and dealer of renewable/sustainable energy systems in UK that has been engaged in the business since 2005. The organization has been designing standardized ground source heat pumps Buckinghamshire as well as tailor-made ground source heat pumps Bedfordshire for over a decade now. ISO Energy has been manufacturing heat pumps that source heat energy from the terra firma for heating water in both commercial establishments and domestic households. These pumps work on the same principle as that of a domestic refrigerator for heating up water. Simply put, the heat pump converts solar energy to heat energy for heating up different sources like boilers, heaters, and geysers.

However, there is one fundamental difference in the manner in which the ground source heat pump for warming water spatially-the refrigeration cycle that a household fridge exploits basically for cooling is reversed in its case. So, the ground heat pumps can also be utilized for refrigeration or cooling albeit on a low-scale basis when the circuit used is reflexive or passive. On the other hand, when the demand for refrigeration is higher or intensive, these pumps can be made to function using a more active circuit. Utilization of both the passive and active mechanisms in a harmonious manner across industrial or domestic sectors will lead to unprecedented fuel conservation that’ll eventually bring down carbon emissions and carbon footprints.

Evidently enough, operating a heat pump that draws energy from the heat released by the ground makes good sense as it is extremely energy-efficient. ISO Energy has extensive expertise and experience in the installation of these energy-effective heat pumps. The installation job comprises setting up a heat pump, ground collection kit, a multipurpose pit, circulation pumps, several manual and automatic valves, an expansion container, a tank for storing the energy, a canister for heating water, and a weatherproof control system for monitoring the smooth functioning of the entire contraption. ISO Energy has been making the most of its comprehensive experience in designing and developing made-to-order renewable energy systems for M & E consultants, architects, and property owners.

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ISO Energy has been at the forefront in designing, manufacturing, supplying and installing sustainable/renewable energy systems since 2005. The headquarters of ISO Energy is in Surrey and the establishment has a registered office in Yorkshire as well.