23, December 2016: New video explains dangerous plumbing materials and which one is best suited for San Diego home remodeling. HK Construction pulls back the veil to expose the truth about how your water pipes may be affecting your health.

The remodeling of one's home means both having choices and making decisions. Besides, no one knows this better than the folks over at HK Construction, who has recently published a new video along with accompanying article pointing out what it entails.

"If you're planning to remodel your kitchen, bathroom or add a new room, be prepared to spend an endless number of hours looking at options and making final selections," said the HK Construction writer.

Noting that when comes to even making a choice on what cabinet, faucet, light fixture or floor covering would be best suitable to one's dream home, the write says "there are a going to be lot of more choices to make."

"In these cases, choices you'll need to sort through include different styles, colors, finishes, price ranges, you name it," said the writer, who noted that even windows come in different shapes, sizes and energy efficiency ratings.

"Yet, when it comes to something as important as the plumbing, it seems 'out of sight, out of mind' is the norm. As most people, don't ask any questions about the plumbing, but assume they don't have any choices to make," noted the writer.

HK Construction's video and article titled, Plumbing Choices to Consider in San Diego home remodeling, the can be accessed online at the company's website at http://hkremodel.com/plumbing-choices-home-remodeling.

Plastic pipe also known as PVC and an enhanced version called CPVS are rapidly gaining popularity in San Diego home remodeling. Why has plastic gained such popularity?

The article contains a video that helps in detailing the different plumbing materials, such as lead, concrete, cast iron, steel, galvanized steel, Copper, aluminum, and PVC and CPVC Plastic Pipe (the article also explained the difference between PVC and CPCV piping, and pointed out the benefits of the four top f advantages of CPVC over Metal Pipes.

Watch the video titled: CPVC Pipes vs. Copper, Steel https://youtu.be/-JzYkz2yAuI

Concluding the article, the writer noted that the CPVC systems are the most often used in new construction. "This is so because they are more compatible with other plumbing systems used in kitchen remodeling projects," said the writer, who also believes one of the most important uses of CPVC pipes in home plumbing is that it's very effective in eliminating toxic metals that are known to negatively impact people's health.

"Additionally, the use of CPVC eliminates contamination in your drinking water that comes from metal pipe corrosion," concluded the HK Construction writer.

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