Hung Hom, Hong Kong; 01/06/2014: The technology is pacing up in nearly every field of life. The booking of the movie tickets, flight tickets, holidays and even the restaurant tables are now available on the online platform. A famous IT company has come up with a very new approach for the same. The SmartOrder is a newly launched product that has been optimized for placing the orders and paying the bills of the restaurant using your Smartphone. This wonderful IT tool is gaining worldwide response that too from the top notch hotels and food stores. According to the reports of the Newspapers, the SmartOrder has passed all practical benchmarks, thus, making it a highly effective IT tool for food chains, even in keeping track of the delivery and inventory. However, the designers of this amazing software have optimized it for the use of common man only. 

As described by the World Famous Magazine, Forbes, the SmartOrder is one of its own kind. “It is the first time when any such tool has been commercially launched in the market for the use of a common man.”, say Official Sources from Forbes. The whole algorithm has been configured to work fluently on the Android System. This reflects the flexibility of its usage. The software has been developed along with its Android app too. The combination of macro system along with android client has the probability to get adjusted in the modern society well. 

According to the interview with the Company’s Officials, it was revealed that the whole system plays a vital role in tracking the POS (Point Of Sale) of the inventory. The clever algorithms of the software allow it to be the master control of the whole stock, providing essential reports to the targeted nodes. The system acts as the chain of networks where each customer has the power to read, share, comment and book the menu item for a particular time. The integrated Security Layer involves the high order Encryption to secure the personal data of users regarding the credit card and payment details. 

This excellent Restaurant POS has been devised to improve the staff services as well. The system has the capability to connect to the number of handheld devices with each staff member and communicating to the specific target node as and when required, side by side, keeping track of various marketing factors like the sale of the month, sale of the week, maximum discount released and so on. Experts describe that it has been as highly efficient product ever made especially for hotels and restaurants. 

The Officials of the Company describe that the experts are busy in their research in order to make the system improved further. It is expected that the company will be able to launch the new updates for the same coding pieces till the end of this Fiscal. The updates can be installed on the administrator panel of the whole system, thus, updating the algorithms on each device simultaneously. 

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SmartOrder is the highly efficient IT tool that has been configured to act as the restaurant POS system. Furthermore, it has been optimized for placing the order and paying the bill by the common man in the restaurants. 

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