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Making their way across the continent, a species of hornet that is responsible for the deaths of 6 people in France could well be making their way North across England to reach cities including Birmingham this summer.

The species of Asian hornet arrived in France in a shipment of pottery from China around 2004 and has colonised many parts of France since.   However, there have already been reports this year from the South of England of sightings of these dangerous wasps which deliver potent venom that can cause severe anaphylactic shock in its victims, in some cases causing death in just minutes.

Birmingham hornet and wasp specialist, Midland Pest Control, is striving to educate residents and business owners throughout Birmingham, Wolverhampton and Burton upon Trent to be vigilant for, not only the Asian variety, but all other species of hornets too.  Midland Pest Control’s Ruth Hurley commented: “Posing a real risk to humans and pets alike, halting the spread of Asian hornets will ensure the safety of children and those susceptible to anaphylactic shock”.  She continued: “With a warm summer expected, all species of hornets and wasps are expected to flourish and all are extremely aggressive when their nests are disturbed.  If hornets are sighted near your home of business, under no circumstances should nests be agitated.  We have been dealing with wasp and hornet nests for over 25 years now and will safely and effectively remove hornet and wasp risks in a matter of minutes”.

Midland Pest Control is not only expecting large volumes of wasps and hornets this summer, but also flying ants and both bumblebees and honeybees.  However, because honeybees in particular are in decline across the globe, Midland Pest Control recommends that before calling in pest control specialists that people first contact The Tree Bee Society on 0800 707 6628 who may be able to advise on relocating the swarm.  For the control of all other types of flying nuisance, Midland Pest Control will be able to remove the problem efficiently and professionally.

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