08, March 2016: Airwheel electric unicycle X-series is the one almost every player of electric scooteraspires to steer. Irene is no exception, who longs to steer Airwheel X-series expertly and smoothly. She expects that she could show off her thrilling wheelie on Airwheel X-series before a host of pedestrians. Therefore she bought one set of Airwheel X5. But after several trials, the result was not so positive as she expected. Now she is close to giving up. At this time, his friend Tommy told her that the beginner had a way of falling over when riding Airwheel X-series. Actually, Tommy advises Irene to begin with Airwheel Q-series. Airwheel Q-series is effectively used as a transition to Airwheel X-series. He recounts his personal experience about learning to steer Airwheel X-series. He just learned to steer Airwheel Q-series first. At last, he worked up to steering Airwheel X-series. Irene think Tommy has have reason and borrows Airwheel Q5 from Tommy. Tommy readily agrees to offer.


Irene gets to steer Airwheel Q5. Airwheel Q5 differs from Airwheel X-series in the wheel structure. Airwheel Q5 adopts the twin-wheeled structure. Although the performance of the twin-wheeled structure is a far cry from the two-wheeled intelligent scooterlike S3 and S5, it guarantees the ability to keep balance to some extent. Being a bridge between Q-series and X-series, Airwheel Q-series plays an indispensable and prominent role. Irene comments that Airwheel Q5 is quite suitable for her because it is not so hard to learn as Airwheel X-series. She tried several times, but she has learned to steer it now. She goes into rapture with her confidence restoring. For now she is positive that she can get over Airwheel X-series.


Indeed, she finds Airwheel X-series not as insurmountable as before. Through over ten times trial, now she can smoothly steer Airwheel X-series and scoot about. She is highly grateful to his friend Tommy for his offering of Airwheel Q5. At the same time, she also feels the sense of achievement of getting around Airwheel electric unicycle X-series.

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