10-MAY-2016 -  Ipoopicker.com is pleased to announce the launch of a eco-friendly and compostable paper dog waste bag. The service is available throughout the continental United States. The product is delivered monthly and represents a better alternative to placing pet waste in a plastic bag.

The dog poop bag is made of 100 percent recycled materials and 100 percent biodegradable kraft paper. The adhesive is made of starch glue, so there is no plastic included in the construction of the bag. Over the course of a year, using the IpooPicker bags can reduce plastic waste by ten kilograms.

There are three levels of subscription service. A one-month supply consists of one box containing six bundles of ten bags each. A six-month supply includes one free box, for a total of seven boxes. Customers who order a full twelve months' supply will receive two free months of deliveries, or fourteen shipments. Shipping in each instance is free-of-charge. Customers can cancel at any time.

Cleaning up pet waste is responsible pet ownership and helps keep dog-walk areas clean for other users. Poop pickup no longer needs to be disgusting and dirty. The use of Ipoopicker bags means there is no need to get hands contaminated with viruses and parasites which can live in feces.

Use of the bag is easy and convenient. Prior to use, the folded bag can be tucked in a pocket. When it is needed, the user simply holds the kraft board handle, opens the bag to completely cover the deposit. The next step is to flatten the handle and close it to ensure that the poop is in the bag. The handles are then put together and plugs are inserted into the holes to close the bag, which is sealed to prevent leakage.

The company seeks to promote understanding and awareness of pet-owner relationships. Use of the bags promotes quality of life for pet owners and pets alike.

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Company: IpooPicker
Website: http://www.ipoopicker.com
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Submitted by: Jamie White
New York, USA