When you are an avid yoga practitioner, there are a few things that you need to be conscious off. Meaning your clothes should be comfortable and suitable for the postures you will perform throughout your session and that your mat is extremely clean. Finding the best way to prepare for a yoga session could allow you to benefit further from all the advantages yoga offers. If you want what is best for yourself and the environment, you will choose a 100% natural yoga mat cleaner. Besides a natural yoga mat spray, you can choose to clean your mat with soap. Which product is best?


If you were to use soap in order to keep your mat clean, then there would be some advantages and disadvantages. The advantage would be that soap is relatively cost effective given it is used for other purposes. On the down side using soap to cleanse your yoga mat will deteriorate the surface of the mat over time making it lose its original qualities. Not only will the mat become extremely slippery, but the smell of the soap may be off putting during class.


Soon enough, you will need to invest in a new mat because of this deterioration, meaning more expense particularly if you invest in a decent quality mat. Regardless of how often you practice yoga, you still need to have a mat that is properly cared for and ready for use at all times.


With a 100% natural yoga mat cleaner, you will be able to have a clean mat that will last much longer. Why? Well, due to the fact that the natural yoga mat spray was designed to clean and protect your yoga mat. You do not need to use a cloth, brush or even water to clean the mat properly. In fact, with this 100% natural yoga mat cleaner, your yoga mat will be cleaner than ever before and last much longer. What more could you want from a natural yoga mat spray?




When you think about the environment and how the chemicals in soap could affect your health and the health of your mat, opting for a natural yoga mat spray is the sensible thing to do. If your mat gets damaged too quickly, then you need to throw it away, meaning more expense. Choose a 100% natural yoga mat cleaner instead of regular soap!