Thumbtom (BETA) is a free app that rewards users simply by unlocking or engaging their mobile phone lock screens. Every time a user unlocks their phone, they will earn “tom”. These rewards are data bundles, airtime, specials and vouchers from advertisers. This reward “tom” is a currency that can be exchanged with other users.

South Africa- Thumbtom( is a brand new android app that is destined to revolutionize the whole concept of unlocking smartphones. It is the only free app in the market that actually pays users to unlock their mobile phones, a concept which is growing in popularity and receiving an impressive response from smartphone users worldwide.

By swiping LEFT users can get great deals or offers, and by swiping RIGHT they can unlock their phone and earn “tom”. Users can choose their favorite topics ranging from fashion, finance, sports, wellness, travel, etc. and get great deals and special offers. One of the great features of this app is that it allows users to spend “tom” earned on vouchers and deals. The more “tom” they earn the more benefits they will get and enjoy all the great offers and deals the app has to offer. “People see thousands of ads every day and never get rewarded. Thumbtom is bridging that gap says Thumbtom CEO Grant Reynolds. He goes on to say “For the advertisers in the market, Thumbtom provides a new and unique platform and the opportunity to be the first adapters and innovators to smartphone users”.

By following the below steps users can earn “Tom”:
* Swipe to engage with lockscreen
* Invite friends
* Share promotions with friends
* Tell the app more about themselves
* Answer polls or surveys

The app promotes new deals and offers on a regular basis, so every time a user uses this app he will find great new deals and vouchers.

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Watch the video here: http://youtube/y0DNqU9W7b0

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About ThumbTom
Thumbtom is the latest free android app that is available for smartphone users worldwide. It is an app that rewards users for unlocking or engaging their mobile phone lock screens. So, each time a user unlocks his smartphone, he will earn “tom” that can be later exchanged for data bundles, airtime or special deals and vouchers.

Want to know more ? Contact Grant Reynolds on : +27 71 492-2258 Name: Grant Reynolds — [email protected]