China; 02, July 2016: With an objective of supporting minority languages around the world and also providing mobile users with a better and customized text input experience in their preferred language(s), Nutsmobi Hainan Company has launched their MI Keyboard that allows inputting texts in more than 86 languages. The product covers over 255 geographies around the world and allows mobile users to communicate better and more effectively in their own languages, using their smart handheld devices. The Android App is available on the Google Play Store and it also covers 14 main Indian languages.

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According to the spokesperson of the company, the MI Keyboard focuses on enhancing the customer experience with cool features and functionalities. The global input mobile function aims at promoting minority languages, allowing a vast majority of people to express themselves through a mobile device. The spokesperson is very upbeat about the response they are getting in the Indian market with the inputting feature of 14 main languages from the region. A user can now be able to transliterate into Hindi using the keyboard. He/she can easily Silkscreen Hindi text from English. This gives people in India the liberty and flexibility to communicate in their own language(s).

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The spokesperson reveals that an inventive team of talented mobile app developers at Nutsmobi has included several novel features in the MI Keyboard that a user will always appreciate. For example, it has a number of themes and sound effects to choose from. One can change the background, button shape and color to express their creativity. The app has a small APK size of 5MB only, and one can download it at a lighting speed to start inputting texts in their preferred languages.

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With the launch of this MI Keyboard for Android devices, the company believes to offer user-friendly features to the mobile users, particularly who are from the geographies, speaking minority languages. The application can easily be installed, used and also customized for users to communicate better with an enhanced user experience. To know more about the app and its features, one can visit the website

About Nutsmobi Hainan Co., Ltd:

Nutsmobi Hainan Co., Ltd is a leading Mobile Internet Technology Company in China, focusing on the development of mobile app products in Overseas Markets. Nutsmobi attracts more than 80 talents who possess the advanced knowledge of Android and IOS developing technologies. With their new Mi Keyboard, the company has the intention to provide a functional and customized input product for users, using different languages.

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