Zhejiang, China (Mainland), December 11, 2013: The plastic molding and manufacturing industry is evolving very fast with the growing need of a variety of products for the modern consumers. Keeping the requirement of the modern industries in concern, China based Ningbo Suntero Plastic Machinery Company is now introducing their small and high precision injection molding machines that are going to redefine the product manufacturing process of the industry by bringing enhanced production capabilities and ensuring a higher degree of precision and accuracy. 

The company is one of the leading Injection Molding Machine suppliers and is often known for their innovative machine offerings. They have a robust R&D system with in-house technical engineers who keep on innovating and discovering new machines for the benefit of the plastic molding industry. The company believes in supplying machineries that can equip companies with a greater degree of technological superiority to help enhance their production capabilities. 

They have a wide range of injection molding machines that can be used from manufacturing products to testing product qualities.Some of the common machines available in their portfolio are servo injection molding machine, variable pump plastic machinery, fixed pump injection molding machine, PET preform plastic injection machine and so on. Their horizontal injection molding machine has been recognized by the industry to meet their progressive demand by providing them with the best plastic molding conditions. Different types of screws can be used according to the production requirements. 

According to the company spokesperson, these new machineries have been developed keeping in concern the modern needs of the industries. They have a new line of Energy Saving Injection Molding Machine that can help save 20%-80% of energy, depending upon the production conditions. Thus, these machines can offer an economic production choice to the industries bringing the production cost down to a significant level. 

According to the company sources, Ningbo Suntero Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd has always endeavored to bring new machineries that can help address the needs and requirements of the industries of the modern times. These new injection molding machines are expected to offer new capabilities and quality assurance to the industries. To learn more about these machines, one may visit the website http://www.china-ssmachinery.com/ . 

About Ningbo Suntero Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd: 

The company is located in Ningbo, China. The company was established in 2002 and has obtained the CE and ISO9001:2008 certificate. They develop precise and small plastic injection molding machines for customers from home and abroad with advanced technology, high-efficient manufacturing and perfect quality guarantee. 

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