Intex iRist Junior Smart watch

A smart wearable device that keeps track of your child’s safety round the clock


The IntexiRist Junior is the latest smart watch in town designed especially for kids and the peace of minds of their parents. The smart watch comes with an appealing design and is equipped with a tracking device and parental guidance features to keep a tap on your child’s security round the clock.

The Intex iRist Juniorworks on 2G network and is Location-based Service (LBS) enabled which makes the smart watch a tracking device. Its Geo Fencing feature tags the child’s movement to limited places, so whenever the child steps beyond pre-defined places, the watch notifies parents about the child’s whereabouts. Being GPS enabled, parents can keep track of their child’s movement without the hassle of tagging behind them all the time.

The watch comes with Auto Call and Voice Chat features. Auto Call enables parents to reach out to their kids by listening to the surroundings without child answering the call. Voice Chat feature on the other hand enables the child to talk to parents and friends, thereby enabling a smooth two-way communication for toddlers.

The Intex iRist Junior also has an SOS button on the top right side of the watch. By simply pressing the button, the kid can send an alert message to a pre-defined list of people who can be reached out for help in case of trouble. The smart watch has been designed to make parenting easier and ensure your child’s safety at the same time.


The smart watch is light weight, water resistant and is available in kid friendly colours which make the device an ideal wearable for them.

The Intex iRist Junior comes at an affordable price of INR 3,999/-.

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