(Free Press Release) The highly anticipated Jan. 18, 2011 launch of Income Infuser is nearly here, but it‘s not too late for aggressive affiliate marketers to become part of one of the most exciting Internet events to happen in years.

By becoming an Income Infuser member, entrepreneurs can start an online business with a line of unique products that can create incomes that previously only the marketing experts were bringing in. Each member receives a brand new product to sell each month, plus all the marketing tools needed to make sales.

The creators of Income Infuser are Dave Nayavich and Darren Salkeld, who have made a fortune already in Internet marketing and are now sharing their secrets through their new membership site. The positive buzz about Income Infuser is widespread and has already created a huge demand for their products.

Members keep 100 percent of the of all the profits generated by their site, and everything is included for the entrepreneur, such as:

--marketing materials
--new original content to sell each month
--a professionally-developed membership site
--seven pre-written relationship-building e-mails
--a completely ready-to-go up-sell package
--opt-in freebie nine-video course to help build a subscriber list

While Income Infuser is perfect for experienced marketers because of the high quality of its materials, it is also ideal for the Internet marketing newbie because it requires no technical skills and very little follow-up.