Sydney, Australia; 09, June 2016: There is no denying that many trends define how offices get designed. Technology and innovation are two of the catalysts driving the style of modern offices. A leading interior design firm has revealed what offices of the future will look like.

Contour Commercial Interiors

Contour Commercial Interiors has written a white paper on future office trends. Here are some of the highlights of that white paper:

1. Lighting

According to Contour, creative use of lighting will play a big part in tomorrow's office. It will allow users to define personalised "mood" settings. Plus, different uses of lighting will help to achieve different objectives. For example, lighting can get used to emphasise "activity hubs" in open-plan areas.

2. Communication

The water cooler is often a place where workers congregate and talk to each other on a personal level. Future offices will see social communication happen via smart devices instead. In the future, few water coolers will become hives of social activity!

3. Blended Lifestyles

There will be a bigger blur between personal and working lives. More employees will be integrating aspects of their personal lives at work. Although it's unlikely bosses will let workers play on their games consoles at their desks!

4. Clash of attitudes and practices

One trend that offices of the future will have to deal with is generational clashes. Younger generations will no doubt evolve away from traditional working attitudes and practices. Tomorrow's offices will need to address such challenges to ensure harmonious working environments.

5. Technology

Just as office designs and styles evolve, so too will the technology used within them. Tomorrow's offices will see bigger computing power but with smaller physical footprints. It's also likely that future offices will see computers integrated into furniture. And many devices will become proximity-activated.

6. Colour

Gone are the days where plain white walls and ceilings will cover the interiors of an office. Future office designs will incorporate a mix of bold and neutral colours.

7. Space

Many years ago, the trend for office designs was to segregate workers and hide them away in cubicles. Tomorrow's offices will integrate staff into open spaces and even into visitor areas.

Creative use of lighting and curtains will allow quiet areas to co-exist with noisy ones. That means creativity and manufacturing can work together side-by-side.

About Contour Commercial Interiors

Contour Commercial Interiors is a commercial interior design and project management company. Their mission is to deliver leading-edge workspaces to a broad range of industry sectors.

Founded in 1993, Contour Commercial Interiors has vast commercial fitout expertise. Their innovation and creative thinking has made Australia's premier workspace solutions provider.

They have offices in several cities across Australia and can work on a variety of projects.

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