12, February 2015: Interestingly Normal is a budding blog that is solely dedicated to share ideas and speak about ones hobbies and interests with likely minded groups. The blog has also initiated an exclusive store with novelty products for the interested shoppers. 

Obsessions and hobbies are the things that add spark and spices to a monotonous lifestyle. As human beings, everyone in the society is having some sort of obsession, topic or activity that keeps the life away from stagnating in the same place. It can differ from television series to movies to celebrity idols or to video games. Despite what it is, Interestingly Normal arranges a platform to discuss and share ones perspective on their hobbies and obsessions with the world. There is nothing relieving and exiting as sharing and discussing ones favorite topic. And Interestingly Normal generously facilitates an opportunity to satisfy the craving. 

Interestingly Normal shares current news on a wide array of hobbies or rather obsessions under the categories Adventures in Boozing, Back in the 1900’s, Books, Food, Gaming, Life, Movies, Music, Nerd Alert, Pop Culture and Television. In addition to providing and sharing latest news on these obsessions, the blog also allows users to share any new obsessions that haven’t yet caught the spotlight of the blog. 

The whole intention of Interestingly Normal is to provide some fun and stress free time for the followers. The blog also plans on combining obsessions and expanding them in order to offer a better experience to its followers. Enthusiastic and dynamic admin of the blog is trying her very best to provide the latest stories that could kindle interests in a particular community. She warmly invites all the individuals who prefer to share and read about their obsessions to visit the exclusive platform – Interestingly Normal, which is created only for that particular reason. 

Besides, Interestingly Normal webstore has a wide collection of novelties ready to be explored by the right audience. Anyone interested in purchasing souvenirs and other products related to their obsession can visit the store at: http://www.interestinglynormal.com/shop 

Visit the revolutionary obsession blog – Interestingly Normal at: http://www.interestinglynormal.com/ 

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