12, February 2015: The exclusive webstore of Interestingly Normal has been launched in January 2015 with a wide range of collectable toys and novelties. The store has been named as Geek Shop. 

The revolutionary blog committed to share newsfeeds on obsessions and hobbies — Interestingly Normal has gifted its followers an irresistible New Year gift, the Geek Shop webstore. The special online store sells all sorts of souvenirs, toys and novelty products that would offer tangible tokens for ones with obsessions. 

The Geek Shop has given one more reason for the followers to visit the blog. In fact, the webstore has been capable of increasing the exposure of the blog through its very presence. The Interestingly Normal webstore has a rich collection of products that would amuse anyone with an obsession. Since everybody in this world has some kind of obsession, simply the store caters the hidden cravings and needs of the human race as a whole. 

To make the time spent in the store more productive and efficient, geek store has been designed using user-friendly User Interfaces. The visitors can easily browse through the collection of products by choosing the desired category. Major categories available in the webstore include Licenses, Collectible Toys, Apparel, Electronics, Accessories, Housewares, Games and Novelty. Each of these broad categories is then divided into subcategories for easy navigation purposes. Guests can fuel their fantasies by choosing all the products related to their obsessions within minutes. Everything form impressive t-shirts to trendy key chains to flash lights that represent their favorite celebrity, cartoon, game character or TV series are available at this novelty online store. 

Fans of movies and TV series that stole the hearts of millions can purchase products inspired by those milestones in the film and television industry with ease. Geek Shop has obtained license to distribute various products inspired by legends such as Frozen, Game of Thrones, Star Wars, The Walking Dead and many more. 

The store is not only an oasis for people with innocent obsessions but also for the friends and family members of such characters who seek the perfect gift to present on a special day. Visit Geek Shop webstore at: http://www.interestinglynormal.com/shop/ to check upon the range of impressive products for the lowest prices. 

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