Being fit and in shape is not an one-time fit for everybody. Every body type needs an individualistic approach and this is especially true if your fitness level is way beyond the average. If you're among those people who are searching for exercise programs that can really test you, then Iron Dolls by Karen Sessions and TACFIT Commando by Scott Sonnon just might be the perfect fit for you. Every book accommodates to certain fitness needs that can bring you to the next level on your workouts. They can also give you the shape you've always wanted for your body but have not reached with common exercise programs. Here's the 4-1-1 on each:

Iron Dolls by Karen Sessions is a program for body building where the attention is on providing women the volume and muscle definition worthy of competitions. Rights and opportunities may be different and have become equal across genders over the years but it is not the same for each gender's biological makeup. In actuality, women still have a disadvantage over men when it comes to developing muscles. Women's bodies are just more able at making room for fat than for muscle. This is why if you're a female and you're meaning to totally reshape your body without opting for unnatural measures, you'd find the thorough take of Karen Sessions in this book a huge help. It is worthy to know that Karen Sessions is a tested, title-holding body builder herself.

TACFIT Commando is a fitness program that's designed to give you "real" muscles. The majority of body building programs might present you with beautiful, huge chunks of muscles however these muscles are more often than not, limited in purpose. When the situation calls for you to use these muscles for real world applications, you might be amazed that you aren't as strong as you think. This is where TACFIT Commando can do its magic. Scott Sonnon, its writer, understands exactly what to do to make muscles strong, functional and reactive. This program is what Scott Sonnon uses to handle his clients which consists of real-life Marines, firefighters, special ops and others to develop their muscles to exert itself in their utmost capability. If you want to discover more about these programs together with their creators' profiles, you can go to Product Comparisons at

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