London, United Kingdom, 10, May 2016: Sash windows are a standard feature of many homes. They are often found in houses built during Georgian, Victorian, and Edwardian times. The problem with original sash windows is they are prone to rot, swelling and distortion of the wood.

Inter House Windows

Nowadays, modern sash windows have improved construction but still retain traditional styling. One of the main worries for homeowners is the cost of getting new sash windows for their houses. The good news is sash windows are affordable. And that's a fact proven by London-based company Inter House Windows!

Affordable sash windows from Inter House Windows

The company has become a well-known brand in the sash window market. That's because they provide high-quality products at reasonable prices. So, just how can they offer sash windows at prices that can seldom get rivalled?

Part of the company's success is down to their buying power. They work with a plethora of suppliers and can negotiate excellent deals. Coupled with their low overheads, they can pass on those savings to their customers.

Another reason is due to the vast choice of sash window options. For a start, they can offer wooden and box sash windows with a broad range of accessories. They are also available in a variety of finishes to suit any home's styling.

It's also possible to select from many different glazing options. One can choose toughened, laminated, acoustic or solar control glass. Obscure glass is another option for those seeking ultimate privacy from their sash windows.

Simple and efficient ordering process

There is another reason why Londoners opt for sash windows from Inter House Windows. And that is because the ordering process is simple and efficient! From concept to completion, the steps can get summed up as follows:

1. An appointment gets made at the customer's convenience. A sash windows expert discusses the client's needs and takes measurements of existing windows.
2. A detailed quote of the work gets submitted to the customer the next working day. Upon acceptance, a 40% deposit gets taken and manufacturing begins.
3. Once the windows get built, a convenient date and time gets arranged for installation. A second milestone payment gets taken at that stage.
4. Upon installation of the sash windows, a final payment gets made for the work. A FENSA certificate is also sent out to the customer within a few weeks of installation.

About Inter House Windows

An established manufacturer and installer of cheap sash windows in London. Inter House Windows has a team of expert designers and installers. Their job is to offer a first-class service to all customers.

They have an array of different window styles and accessories on offer. Their industry knowledge also ensures they only build windows using the highest quality parts.

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