16, May 2016: As early as 1874, a truly modern bicycle was born. Lawson, a British man, added a chain and chain wheel to bicycle, enabling the rotation of the rear wheel to go forward. However, it was still not coordinating and stable enough. With the passage of time, the derivatives of bicycles have emerged, and human’s trip modes have entered a personalized era.

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Airwheel intelligent electric hoverboard stay innovative in a bid to contribute to both the society and individuals. The greatest charm of technology to change lifestyle is that it can make us freer and happier, especially the means of transportation adopting clean energy, which is simpler and more environmentally friendly.


Airwheel readily went for innovation, which is evidenced by continuous roll-out of new intelligent self-balancing scooters. Last year, Airwheel S5, A3 and M3, Z3, S6, F3 made their first appearance. The S5 is a tough self-balancing two wheels scooter, capable of conquering kinds of tough terrains. A3 pioneered the two wheel saddle-equipped scooter era, bidding farewell to a tiring journey. M3 wireless remote control skateboard recalls the happy childhood memory coupled with a powerful motor and wireless controller. S6, the first sitting-posture electric scooter with dual-ride mode has taken the public aback. This horizontal development spawned a series of new products to cater to the curiosity of millions of customers and scooter-lovers.


The sector of electronics is a merging industry. And it also means such products are updated quickly. It is hardly to keep one customer attentive to one certain product for a long time. They are fond of something novel and something outlandish and fed up with featureless products. At the beginning of 2016, Airwheel has held a new products release conference again, bringing S8, S9, Z5 double-wheels electric scooters and C3 & C5 intelligent helmets for road safety and for entertainment to the public. In order to keep its electric scooters fresh, Airwheel shoulders its responsibility to keep innovation.

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