Pickering, Ontario — April 25, 2013 — Integrated Peak Performance had launched its new website and welcomes people to come check their services out online. Integrated Peak Performance offers seminars and workshops that address various issues.

The IPP Seminars will help people regain their sense of self, increase focus and attention, set and achieve goals, improve in all aspects of relationships — both personal and professional, improve time management skills, and improve overall health.

At the core of the IPP program is this idea of helping people achieve balance by tapping into their six essences: their material, mental, emotional, physical, chemical (nutritional), and their spiritual essences. They are called “essence” because most of these descriptors are non-physical in nature but they are said to have a profound effect on a person’s body, mind, and soul.

If they are out of balance, then a person will experience a negative shift in their overall health and performance output. IPP’s workshops are all about bringing them back in balance so that the person will enter a peak performance state.

Clients that Integrated Peak Performance has helped are proud to share their support of IPP workshops. Long-time client Joanne said, “I have been working with Alvin’s integrated approach for over 20 years now, and I have found that his systematic way of getting to the root of a problem or issue is both efficient and effective. Since I started with Alvin, I have noticed an improvement in my health, finances, and my overall well being. I would definitely recommend both his one-on-one coaching sessions, as well as his group seminars. Alvin is a wonderful person and inspires me to be the best person I could be, and to be true to myself.”

To learn more about Integrated Peak Performance, visit them online at www.integratedpeakperformance.com To contact the company, call 905-420-4325 or email Alvin of Integrated Peak Performance at [email protected] .