Integral Launches German Bureau
Appoints Suchit Manchanda as the head of operations

January 4, 2010; Germany: Integral Fusion, a leading software services firm, has launched operations in Germany and announced the appointment of Suchit Manchanda as their Managing Director. The German bureau will be responsible for strategic business development in European Union organizations and client servicing. Suchit a world class MBA from Hochschule Nürnberg, Germany and a Masters in IT from Jamia Hamdard, India, has been involved with the German market since 5 years and has a colossal experience in strategic client development.

In his new found position Suchit will be looking after overall operations of Integral Fusion in Germany. His main arena of work will include developing the German market through premeditated client communication and sales. Having worked with Indian and German giants like SIEMENS, Suchit has a broad international horizon in marketing and honed German linguistic skills that give him an upper edge in managing the European market with a focus on German speaking countries.

Integral Fusion‘s new found position in Germany will greatly benefit from Suchit's background and experience. He brings both outstanding judgment and experience to Integral that will greatly benefit the nation's investors, issuers, and markets.

“I feel honored to be appointed for this position and will do my best to take Integral Fusion Germany to new levels,” said Suchit.

About Integral Fusion

Integral Fusion is a leading business and technology services company that has delivered world-class business services and developed state-of-the-art technology products for numerous clients in various industries, such as finance, telecommunications and supply chain management.

Incorporated in 2005, Integral Fusion offers Business and Technology Services in the areas of:
• Product Development
• Remote Marketing Services
• Project Management

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