30, October 2015: Many riders of Airwheel M3 have such problems, they are excited when owning the motorized skateboard at first. Several days later, they may feel dispirited because they experience the failure. What those riders need is to get rid of the nervous feeling first. When step on Airwheel M3, do not feel nervous. Try to speed up step by step, do not ride the skateboards in a very fast speed at first. When the speed is too fast, it is more easily for riders to fall down since it is harder for them to keep balance.


Keep the body upright when riding Airwheel M3. For the green hand, it is better to keep his body upright and look straight which will make the riding stable. If riders stoop, the center of gravity will be difficult to control. Besides, riding electric skateboard without noting the cars around is extremely dangerous since riders may react slowly to deal with accidents. It is better for the green hands to find an empty street to exercise how to ride Airwheel M3.

Some riders cannot get used to the remote control which can start, stop or speed up Airwheel M3 rather than controlling it by gesture. The loyal customers should be accustomed to the operating method or they may be get hurt or fall down since the wireless remote control electric skateboards is not the same as the general electric scooter.


Airwheel M3 is also equipped with double intelligent chips to keep balance by itself, the double chips can guarantee the normal work of the chip even if one of them is broken. The special material TPU is also utilized as damper mass to reduce the shock and uncomfortable feeling. So riders can keep balance for safety travel easily. With the design of electric skateboards and the skills rider acquire, Airwheel M3 is easy to ride. Do not give up. Just insist on trying, then Airwheel M3 will be the best friend.

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