Current Pumps Technology Eliminates Need To Haul Water

DENVER, CO — December 27, 2013 — Current Pumps is excited to introduce a new and innovative pump technology that could help millions of subsistence farmers in Africa, specifically Niger. Dirk Long, one of Current Pumps’ founders, saw the need to develop a way of giving the farmers in Niger reliable accessibility to water, the lifeblood of their farmland. The team at Current Pumps has created a pump that can eliminate the need to haul water from rivers and reservoirs to farmland without electricity.

In the 18th century, H.A. Wirtz refined Archimedes’ spiral pump to bring water to his metal shop. In 2013, Current Pumps has refined this technology yet again to bring water to the farms of Niger, and eventually to numerous African subsistence farmers & beyond. The waterwheel pump style utilizes the flow of the river to activate the pump action. By merely anchoring the pump in the river near a farm, the farmer can drip irrigate as much as 4,000 sq. meters of farmland. Current Pumps can serve farmers in more ways than one, too. When paired with filtration devices, the pump can provide a family with clean drinking water. Current Pumps can also be used to maintain crops of aquatic plants & fish.

In their first phase, Current Pumps plans on installing twenty pumps in Niger. In order to achieve this goal, they’ve launched an Indiegogo campaign called “Updating Archimedes”. By fundraising & crowdsourcing, anyone can be a part of Current Pumps’ goals to revolutionize water delivery & irrigation in the third world. Once this project is funded, and they move into the second & third phases of the plan, they intend to wholly locally source & manufacture Current Pumps in-country to help create a small & viable supply chain.

Currently, the Indiegogo campaign has raised about 25% of the $25,000 goal with under two weeks to go. Visit “Updating Archimedes” on to see different donation levels & what you’ll receive in return. Take part in revolutionizing third world subsistence farming.

To learn more about this technological breakthrough, or for additional information about the crowdfunding campaign, contact Evan Dunn at [email protected].

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